With A9 TECHNOLOGY®, you join:
  • An international network in full development around a unique and patented advanced technology.
  • You develop a range of services with high added value that provides concrete solutions for all types of engines (automotive or industrial) in terms of economy, maintenance, comfort and safety.

What makes the strength and identity of A9 TECHNOLOGY® :
  • A range of products developed for all user needs
  • An absolute requirement in terms of quality
  • A very strong customer relationship culture

Becoming an A9 TECHNOLOGY® reseller:
  • You integrate a dynamic network in line with its market and you stand out from your competitors
  • You offer more to your customers: economy, ecology and better durability of their mechanics
  • You realize extra margins and give new strength to your brand

Being an A9 TECHNOLOGY® reseller is:
  • To give the best of oneself
  • Manage your business while benefiting from the know-how of a brand without competition
  • Integrate a network in constant development
  • To know how to be independent while loving exchanges and to be concerned about the link with the network
  • Follow product training and use the communication tools available to resellers to promote the brand and its know-how

Required profile :
  • You have to be a trader
  • Love the customer relationship and know how to meet his needs
  • Animate a point of sale and provide a service on the vehicle of its customers
  • Ambition to lead a team and make the right decisions
  • Mastering all the technical aspects related to the use of A9 TECHNOLOGY® products is not necessary, but feeling comfortable is essential.
Protective film created by A9 TECHNOLOGY® that you will never see, because its size is invisible by humans, but essential on any metal surface (0,1μ)!
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