Customers and Stakeholders


Our priority is to satisfy our customers while respecting the safety of people and our operations. The attentive listening and the satisfaction index allow us to react with reactivity.

Compliance with laws and regulations regarding safety, health, quality and the environment are a constant commitment.

We regularly carry out assessments of our risks that may result in injury, illness, property damage, pollution or quality defects. We put in place prevention and protection measures to deal with crisis situations and reduce their impact.


accountability of staff & third parties

We aim to continuously train professional teams based on the improvement of skills, motivation and accountability of each. The choice of suppliers, external companies and their ability to adhere to our policy on quality, safety, health and the environment is systematically taken into account.


A better guarantee of security

In terms of quality, safety, health and the environment, we adopt a constructive attitude of transparency and dialogue with third parties.
The adherence and respect of this policy by all is the best guarantee of security for everyone. The major guarantee of quality for our customers is the essential asset to preserve the quality of our environment.
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    Purification : Sophisticated installation for water purification – Harnes
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    Supply: Storage tanks with anti explosion proof electrical platform - Harnes
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    Waste treatment: Waste Sorting area - Harnes
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    Storage : Raw materials and fluids – Harnes